ࡱ> ] Rbjbj((.BeBe. @ @ 8t.NXnnnn|-~-~-~-~-~-~-$03N--nnH_.!!! nn|-!|-!!:%,(&ns& h-u.0.& 3nH3(&3(&@!-- H.3@  Z: Handbook for Course Registration of the Spring Semester in 2018-2019 Hello, our friends, it is time to select the courses of spring semester in 2018-2019. Are you ready to pick out the courses you want? Now, please find the answers to your problems of course registration in this handbook. Q1: How can I log on to the e-campus? A1: There are two ways: (1) Click the link to the website:  HYPERLINK "http://us.nwpu.edu.cn/eams/login.action%20(Recommend)" http://us.nwpu.edu.cn/eams/login.action (Recommend) (2) Login in from the e-campus. You can choose the English Version now. Q2: What is the upper limit of course credit? A2: The maximum credit is usually 30. But there is no credit limit for students who are selecting the subsidiary courses and whose GPA is over 85 (including 85). Q3: What is the detailed arrangement for course registration? A3: You can see it in the following table. Table1:The detailed arrangement for course registration Round Time Course Registration MethodsCourse IncludedRemark ColumnRound 1 From 2018-12-179:00a.m. to 2018-12-211:00p.m. , but you should have finished the teaching-evaluation in advance.Using e-coins Only Major Professional Courses are included (Comprehensive literacy courses are not included).No course conflict, no exceeding the upper limit credit, no cross-campus course registration.Round 2From 2018-12-249:00a.m. to 2018-12-261:00p.m. , you can register your course without teaching-evaluation. After this round, you won t have any e-coins.Using e-coinsMajor Professional Courses and Comprehensive literacy courses are included.No course conflict, no exceeding the upper limit credit, no cross-campus course registration.Voting RoundFrom 2018-12-279:00a.m. to 2018-12-289:00a.m. , you can register your course without teaching-evaluation. After this round, you wont have any e-coins.Using e-coinsAll courses are included.The parameters of the control is consistent with the second round, For the other details, see description later in this table.Round 3From 2019-1-21:00p.m. to 2019-1-41:00p.m. , you can register your course without teaching-evaluation.Register the courses directly, needn t use e-coins.All courses are included.No course conflict, no exceeding the upper limit credit, no cross-campus course registration.Minor Courses are included.Course conflict, cross-campus course registration and exceeding the upper limit credit are allowed. Retake course.Course conflict and cross-campus course registration are allowed. But no exceeding the upper limit credit.Students in Honors College have special course registration method (Professional courses).Course conflict, Cross-campus course registration and exceeding course capacity are allowed. But exceeding the upper limit credit is not allowed.Online course have special course registration methodCourse conflict, Cross-campus course registration and exceeding course capacity are allowed. But exceeding the upper limit credit is not allowed.Round GapAccording to the results of the course registration, the Registration Center will list the added course and canceled course after discussing with each college. The lists will be published in the registration center, Wechat platform (ID:nwpuxszczx ), the website of Academic Affairs Office, e-campus education and teaching columns before 2019-1-53:00p.m. .  Round 4 From 2019-1-61:00p.m. to2019-1-71:00p.m. , you can register your course without teaching-evaluation.Register the courses directly, needn t use e-coins.All courses are included.No course conflict, no exceeding the upper limit credit, no cross-campus course registration.Minor Courses are included.Course conflict, cross-campus course registration and exceeding the upper limit credit are allowed.Retake course.Course conflict and cross-campus course registration are allowed. But no exceeding the upper limit credit.Students in Honors College have special course registration method (Professional courses).Course conflict, Cross-campus course registration and exceeding course capacity are allowed. But exceeding the upper limit credit is not allowed.Online course have special course registration methodCourse conflict, Cross-campus course registration and exceeding course capacity are allowed. But exceeding the upper limit credit is not allowed.Remarks: Every student can select or delete their courses in each round. If there is course conflict, you should choose any one teacher of these two courses to sign on the curriculum schedule. Then it will be effective after being submitted to the Registration Center. You can vote the teacher,time and even the courses during the Voting Round. Q4: When will begin the artificial by-election? A4: Artificial by-election time is from Feb. 25, 2019 to Mar. 1, 2019, and it will be done online. After this period, you can apply course registration offline. Q5: If I want to apply for the artificial by-election, what condition should I have? A5: (1) In the artificial by-election phase, only the courses in this training program can be added (and the following qualifications should be met), and the courses cannot be artificial withdrawn or changed. Each student can apply for by-election up to two courses, and the total credits cannot exceed the upper limit credits;(2) we give priority to artificial by-election needs of students who change majorities, upgrade, downgrade, go back to school, have abnormal movement in school roll such as participating in inter-school exchange or have a minor;(3) you are required to fill out "undergraduate academic study application form" truthfully;(4) Classes with full capacity are not available in principle, especially the following courses: PE, college English (including other English public courses), Mao Zedong Thoughts and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics, situation and policy, the basic principles of Marxism, college students psychological health education, college students career planning, Comprehensive literacy (arts literacy) courses and so on.(5) If one of the supplementary theoretical and experimental classes are not available, it can be run in the situation that your time is free and the classroom (laboratory) capacity is allowed. If none of the theoretical and experimental classes are selected, no by-election is provided. (6) Do not forget the time Q6: Can the selected course be withdrawn? When can I withdraw it? A6: Yes, but you should pay attention to the following matters: withdrawing consists of general withdrawing and mid-term withdrawing. After course selection, students can only withdraw courses through the corresponding method in these two stages, other time are not available. You are not allowed to apply for the artificial by-election for the course you have withdrawn or the same course in other time. The courses that are selected by artificial by-election cant be withdrawn. And whats more, do not forget withdraw any course if you dont want to study. If you forget that, the bad results will be record forever. Note: Some courses are not allowed to be withdrawn(you will get the information during the gap between round 3 and round 4). Q7: If I need to retake my courses, what condition should I have? A7: You can retake the course that you failed.But you cannot retake the course that you passed. Q8: What should I pay attention to when I select my PE? A8: You can select PE only for one time in each semester. Q9: Will all the courses we selected successfully be started? A9: After the round 3 of selections, if less than 10 students select it, it will not be started. Students who select these lessons should change your course selection at the round 4. Please pay close attention to the number of the students who selected the same courses with you and timely adjust the curriculum schedule. Q11: Is the number of e-coin same at Round 1? A11: No. For students who will start his fifth year in our university, he will get 125 e-coins at Round 1. For students who will start his sixth year in our university, he will get 150 e-coins at Round 1. The increased e-coins are recommended for prioritizing courses that have a significant impact on graduation. Students who will study on Youyi campus in high Grades will get 125 e-coins at Round 1 when they are on Changan campus in low Grades. The increased e-coins are recommended for prioritizing courses those wont be given on Youyi campus but are defined as mandatory. Students who withdraw his courses on the mid-semester, his initial e-coin will be reduced according to the cumulative credits of the withdrawn courses. Q12: I have never selected courses before, so what should I pay attention to? A12: (1) Firstly, you should carefully read and understand your training program, make sure that you have definitely known the requirements of courses and the course credits, then you should know the appropriate access to select your courses.(2)Make the ID and password of your e-campus safekeeping. If your account password theft by others, then someone uses your ID to select courses that are not match with your wishes at last, you should take the responsibility for it.(3) Ask and listen to your classmates Q13: Can we use the third-party app to inquire and select courses? A13: Youd better not. No third-party app is allowed to be used to select courses. All course information should be subject to your own teaching system. Q14: Are there any requirements for browsers? A14: Please use browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome or IE8 or later versions. Please clear the cache if there are any obstacles to your mobile browser. Q15: I am a foreign student in an English class, what should I pay attention to? A15: You need to select PE by yourself. In addition, you could select Chinese courses for your interests. Q16: I am a foreign student in Chinese class, what should I pay attention to? A16: The requirements of foreign students in Chinese class are the same as Chinese students in the same major. Q17: I want to choose an online course. What time should I choose? A17: All of the online course are in Chinese. You can check and choose. Q18 I am a foreign exchange student. What time should I select course? A18In the spring semester of 2018-2019, the students who continue to study in our school will select courses together with our students. 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Where can I go for counseling? A19: If there are some questions before and during the course registration, you can contact with the teachers in teaching administration office. You can also make an appointment with the Registration Center to ask for help. The ways are as follows: Making an appointment online: We will post information about academic advice regularly on the website. You need to log on the e-campus and then click on the menu academic advising button. You have to click on the  appointment button of the corresponding information that you need. Making telephone appointment: the telephone number is 88493340088430931. Q20: How can I get the latest information and notice? A20: You can pay close attention to the notice published on education and teaching module of e-campus, the website of Academic Affairs Office, the Registration Center WeChat public platform (ID: nwpuxszczx) and so on. I wish you all the best of luck in the general election. I hope you can all choose your favorite courses! If there are still questions, contact with us! Ways to contact with us NO.1 Our office address: The registration hall on Changan campus: the JD104 room,the registration hall on Youyi campus: room 114 of chengzilou building. NO.2 Tel.:88493340088430931. NO.3 Wechat public platform account: nwpuxszczx, you can also scan the QR code below.  Are you ready? Let s go Registration Center December 13, 2018    (0248:BCZ["$ΖЖuguuYuuhbzCJOJPJQJaJh{CJOJPJQJaJhsuCJOJPJQJaJhQCJOJPJQJaJo(hQCJOJPJQJaJhsu5CJOJPJQJaJ hQ5CJOJPJQJaJo(hQ5CJOJPJQJaJh%pCJOJQJaJhQCJOJQJaJo(hQCJOJQJaJhsuCJOJQJaJ ЖҖԖBDЗɺɬyuuyuusyuuyuuuUhveJjhveJUhaCCJOJPJQJaJhOWCJOJPJQJaJh:,'CJOJPJQJaJo(haCJOJPJQJaJhQCJOJPJQJaJo(hQCJOJPJQJaJhsuCJOJPJQJaJ4j"h h CJOJQJU^JaJmHnHuDgd=+$00d,WD]0`0a$$0d,4$WD`0a$   ,1h. 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